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We meet the business
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Since its establishment, Sonacom has integrated numerous projects meeting the business requirements in the IT-sphere and delivering some of the best services to the clients. Hence the great portfolio the company has developed through years of activity. Successfully managing extraordinary situations and resolving complex problems is the key factor in most of our projects.
Aviation Software
We build solutions that improve the quality of services airports and airlines deliver. The projects we've integrated include GDS automation systems, check-in software, mechanisms for processing various data, such as flights, tickets, and passenger transportation.
Strategy & Business Modeling
Our company offers strategic planning and business modeling services. We design blueprints and schemes for our clients, allowing them to achieve maximum profit. Since every business is unique, we pay close attention to every detail in order to create a best-suited strategy.
Mobile & Embedded
Our mobile department is building tools and services for both Android and iOS devices. Our projects include an airborne sale system, airport feedback service and various automation tools. Moreover, we work with some other handheld hardware like barcode readers and passport scanners.
Creative, UX&UI
Our designers enrich our products with original and creative designs that ensure pleasant user experience and fresh look. We build intuitive interfaces and keep things simple for the user even with more complex processes, minimizing human error rate and increasing usability.
Big Data Analysis & Visualisation
We process large data sets to identify hidden patterns and establish relationships in order to solve real-world business problems. Different graphical representations allow us viewing the data from more angles and perspectives. Various data mining algorithms are used to ensure the quality of the analysis.
Our architects have an advanced understanding of IT infrastructure and enterprise architectures, profound knowledge of software engineering principles, and vast experience in that field. That is used for creating efficient systems that are functional, scalable, and easy to maintain.
Smart Automation
We combine powerful technologies, such as artificial intelligence, big data analysis, and autonomous systems to build smart solutions. Our projects incorporate automation of complex business processes that minimizes manual processing and increases overall system efficiency.
Research & Development
Among other activities, this one holds the most scientific value. We are engaged in research projects that focus on intelligent and believable agent implementations, algorithms for the artificial perception of the world, and various reasoning and decision-making systems.
AI, Distributed AI
We tend to extensively use AI across our systems and applications. That includes programming intelligent agents' behavior and interaction for several simulation-based projects. Furthermore, we separate the logic between multiple machines to have benefits of distributed calculations.
Our developers are passionate about extending the existing reality with augmented and virtual spaces. We produce AR applications and gamified services along with diverse games and educative programs for special controllers and trackers, such as Leap Motion, Tobii EyeX, and Kinect.
Software Development
Software solutions we create include web applications and services, entertainment content, programs for sales and accounting, and a vast amount of data processing tools. Such diversity is accomplished due to our developers and managers that make use of modern technologies in order to build versatile and quality software.
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str. Miron Costin 7
oficiul 214A
Chisinau, MD 2304
Republic of Moldova